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Mummy Amanda's Adult baby live telephone calls telephone scenarios & stories are intended for those of you who want to experience the sexual pleasure & freedom a visit to Mummy Amanda's Nursery brings, in the comfort of your own home.

mommy and baby boy Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. bts smut bts bangtan boys baby boy mommy kink jimin Park jimin chim chim smut i had a little! Originally posted by stephistorage so i can call them cutesy names good morning and good night texts getting to listen to their baby talk! allllll the stuffies.

My phone started buzzing like crazy this morning, lit up with a million texts from an ex of mine. At first I rolled my eyes, not wanting to deal with whatever nonsense was being thrown my way but then I did a double take- there was my ex boyfriend dressed up in huge disposable adult baby diapers with my name written on his chest! He begged me to continue his self-inflicted diaper punishment by.

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