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Dyslexia is a specific reading disorder and does not reflect low intelligence. There are many bright and creative individuals with dyslexia who never learn to read, write, and/or spell at a level consistent with their intellectual ability. Do you think you may have dyslexia? Please complete the brief 10 question self-assessment tool below.

Nessy provide a free dyslexia test for 5 to 7 year olds called Dyslexia Test. This can help indicate whether any difficulties could be an indicator of dyslexia and should be investigated further. Dyslexia Quest. This screening tool costs from £10 per year and is designed for children and young people covering the age ranges of , ,

British Dyslexia Association: If, after completing this checklist, you would like to talk to us about an assessment please contact us at: ADULT ASSESSMENT. If you are experiencing difficulties in learning, studying or organising you may wish to consider the Adult Dyslexia Assessment.

A checklist cannot tell you if someone is dyslexic. It is a tool used to help understand whether there is a likelihood of dyslexia, and whether further investigation should take place. Dyslexia can only be diagnosed through a formal Diagnostic Assessment. Find out more on the BDA Assessment .