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Mar 14,  · The porn-or-prostitution issue came up in the s, when California prosecutors argued that an adult film producer named Harold Freeman was guilty of Author: Michelle Tsai.

Aug 12,  · The legal line between porn and prostitution. By while ignoring distributors of adult films, who are engaged in what is essentially the same activity. while pornography involves the.

Nov 07,  · In fact, there are quite a few rules for entry. A spokesperson for Adult Verified Video Chat told VICE that the age requirement for the auction caps at 50 because "that was one of Dillon's requests."Author: Mary Emily O'hara.

May 01,  · Porn & Prostitution: What Is The Difference? By KC May 1, August 22nd, the “adult entertainment” industry has been at the center of many debates, and for good reason. One question that always seems to rise to the surface when talking about the porn industry is the difference between pornography and prostitution. that always.