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This housing aims to reduce homelessness, promotes independence for people with disabilities, improve an individual’s health and help individuals retain employment. Supportive housing options can range from individual apartments (scattered-site) or in a single building or apartment complex (single-site). Housing is permanent.

The cost of living within a Raleigh or Durham, North Carolina active adult community is average for the United States as a whole. North Carolina is tax-friendly to retirees because they have a flat rate of % and in it will lower to % with the possibility of further reductions in subsequent eccpasa.infoon: Fearrington Village, NC.

Senior Housing. Residents of DHIC communities, especially seniors who live on low-to-moderate income, are provided with access to resources, education and opportunities to enhance their quality of life. Senior housing is restricted to individuals who are age 55 (or in some cases, 62) and older.

NC DHHS assists people who have disabilities and extremely low income gain access to independent housing. Skip to main content. Donate to Hurricane Recovery Assistance is offered to those living in or moving to North Carolina in the following areas: Raleigh, NC