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Mar 02,  · I really enjoyed Habbo Hotel, and all the other great retros of Habbo Hotel, but, unfortunately, I feel ike it's not my place there anymore (because of all the kids). So, my queston was if anyone knows a great retro that's only for adults, or at least with a majority of adults. Thanks!

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Sep 10,  · I remember back when I was a teen I used to play Habbo Hotel. However, now that I'm adult it feels weird going in there because it's a place for teens. Anyways I was wondering if anyone else made a game similar to Habbo Hotel for adults. One aspect I really enjoyed was getting your own room and decorating it. If any adult games have that, then I would sign up in a eccpasa.info: Open.

Jun 22,  · Is there anything like Habbo that is for adults? Im bored at work and that is entertaining? but I feel like a tool wasting my time in there considering that it's full of younger people and I'm 24 Hadn't even heard of Habbo until yesterday while on eccpasa.info yeah Im bored a lot at work so does anyone know of anything similar (oh and that Status: Resolved.