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The Issues and Challenges of Adults Returning to College | Synonym adults returning to learning

Returning to college as an adult can yield a wealth of rewards. Here are a few reasons to consider it. More pay. There is a correlation between level of education and pay, with holders of advanced degrees typically earning more money than those with lower degrees. Returning to college is a significant step adults can take to increase their earning Staff Writers.

The Issues and Challenges of Adults Returning to College By Neil Kokemuller ; Learning Curve. Returning students also face a learning curve that is different from the one experienced by recent high school graduates. Whereas new students must learn to adapt to college, returning students must often learn about how things have changed since.

Adults Returning to the Classroom (ARC) Whether you've taken time off for parenthood, your career, or personal reasons, The College of Staten Island Supports returning and nontraditional students and makes it possible for you to complete your degree at one of the finest institutions in New York City.

“Reentry adults” appear to be a student population that is here to stay. Increasingly, higher education institutions have attempted to create programs and services that are responsive to adults’ life and learning preferences.