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Despite these conditions, some of the comic world's best creators took leaps of faith and put out comics that explore explicit themes, yet aren't totally bad. In fact, these adult comic books are often masterpieces. While they aren't necessarily racy comics, these mature comic books definitely aren't for .

The best comics for adult 1) The Walking Dead (Image Comics) Robert Kirkman’s zombie apocalypse epic is notable not only for inspiring the most successful comic book TV show of all time but also.

Adult Children By Stephen Beals. The Adventures of Business Cat By Tom Fonder. Agnes Hot Comics for Cool People By Brandon Sheffield and Dami Lee. How to Cat.

May 11,  · Just recently collected in  into one big hardcover by Oni Press, Small Favors is truly the most adorable adult comic book that has ever existed. Dubbed by Coover as "Girly Porno," Small Favors is a sex-positive fantasy adventure that is really more of a romance comic book about Annie and Nibbil's relationship than anything else.