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On March 13, , Donald Gaskins was born in Florence County, South Carolina. At a young age, Gaskins was teased and given the nickname “Pee Wee” as a result of his small body frame. Violence and ridicule followed him from his home where his stepfather beat him to his school where he fought with the other kids daily.

Donald "Pee Wee" Gaskins was the most prolific serial killer in South Carolina history. He knew no boundaries.

Donald Henry "Pee Wee" Gaskins, Jr. (March 31, - September 6, ) was an American serial killer, possibly connected to over murders. Early life Born in Manning, South Carolina, Gaskins spent most of his youth in and out of reform school, and later prison.

Apr 17,  · Gaskins, also known as “Pee Wee”, was a prolific serial killer based in South Carolina who was convicted of killing eight people from the s to the s, though the actual number of his victims is Shannon Raphael.