2 Simple Ways to Remove Urine Odors and Stains Permanently - remove urine odor from adult clothing


How To Get The Urine Smell Out Of Clothes Once And For All! remove urine odor from adult clothing

Feb 27,  · My grandmother lives in a nursing home and is incontinent. I do her laundry and cannot get the odor of urine out of her clothes. Please offer some suggestions. The odor and stains from urine in Author: Heloise.

When I first took over the care of my mother in law, all her clothing smelled like urine. I washed in the hottest water I could, soaked in oxygen plus and baking soda and rinsed with vinegar. It took 2 to 3 washings but the smell all came out. Then continued with baking soda and oxygen plus as .

Apr 17,  · Any type of urine from mammals, both humans and pets, contains uric acid crystals. Whether you are cleaning up after your child, an incontinent adult or your pet, the uric acid smell can stay on clothes even after laundering. You can use ingredients you may already have in .

Jul 27,  · Use cleansing agents separately to avoid toxic mixtures. Bleach, baking soda and vinegar, lemon juice, ammonia, cornstarch and Listerine are some of the agents that might be used to decrease the smell of urine on clothing. Adjust if the elderly person has a .