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What Triggers Anxiety for an Individual with ASD sensory issues in adults

Sensory Smarts is the online presence for the book 'Raising a Sensory Smart Child', containing additional resources about sensory integration disorder.

Jan 18,  · Many children have sensory processing problems that influence behavior. Children may not like being touched, may have unusual preferences in clothing, or may have limited food choices. Understanding these issues may make it easier for parents and teachers to .

What Triggers Anxiety for an Individual with ASD? Each day all of us are faced with situations orcircumstances that can cause anxiety for us, sitting in a traffic jam, arrivinglate to a job interview, even something as silly as not understanding a jokethat others find extremely funny.

Tantrums and meltdowns can look alike. It can be hard to tell the difference by just looking at an upset child. Kids don’t have meltdowns on purpose, and they can feel bad about them afterward. Many people think the words tantrum and meltdown mean the same thing. And they can look very similar.