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Research on Adult Learners in College Classrooms. A number of studies have explored the characteristics of adult learners in the college classroom, providing substantial but not unqualified support for the assumptions linked to the theoretical frameworks of adult learning and development described above.

When you decide to head back to school as an adult learner, you may feel like you’re all alone or out of place, but recent trends and statistics show that the face of today’s college student has changed dramatically. Many students now return to school to get their degrees as adult learners.

, Digest of Education Statistics , Table Participation of employed persons, 17 years old and over, in career-related adult education during the previous 12 months, by selected characteristics of participants: , , and , Digest of Education Statistics , Table

As you’ll discover when you read these success stories, though, if you want something badly, nothing can stand in your way. (Of course, our flexible, convenient and affordable self-paced online courses do make the process a little easier for adult learners like you.) Back to Success Stories.