Benefits of Continuing Education - what is the benefit of adult continuing education


5 Benefits of Going back to School to Continue your Education what is the benefit of adult continuing education

For many, the benefits of continuing education are clear, but others may question the value of returning to the classroom. If you’ve ever had the same question yourself, here are five important ways that continuing education could benefit you, and how organizations as a whole can benefit from employees that know the value Philip J Reed.

Continuing Education Has More Benefits Than You May be Aware of. 5 years ago. Add Comment. According to University of Phoenix, more than 54% of working adults have plans to return to college to further their education. While some of them go back for work related requirements, many of them see the various benefits in furthering their education.

In the Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce said that although adult education courses benefited students, it was a question of whether taxpayers should foot the bill. Joyce said: “We support continuing education and will continue to support courses that deliver clear economic benefits.

Dec 23,  · Continuing education later in life helps adults tap new potential, work toward self improvement or a better career, especially as technology and the job market continues to rapidly change. Why Adult Education? Adult education is an important tool that ensures individuals can keep up with today’s quickly changing technological world.