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han and leia adult stories bespin

There are many stories about Han and Leia's trip to Bespin on this site. Believe me, I've read them all. For my first fic, I wanted to add my own, inspired by all those that came before it.

Feb 22,  · [Star Wars] [Han, Leia and Ben Solo] Raising a Solo child isn't as easy as Han Solo, and Leia Organa thought, but love and hard times will show them how much they love him. The story of how Ben Solo, was born, raised, and eccpasa.infos: 5.

Dec 08,  · FanFicFri: Diplomatic Immunity – A Leia/Han/Lando Erotica FanFic. [acxp_adult_confirm] They remembered war stories from Bespin and Endor. Leia told her favorite story of sending Han off of Yavin IV with his reward money to pay off Jabba the Hutt. And how he had come back to save Luke – to save the galaxy.

Aug 01,  · Home» lovecannibal» Stories» Star Wars: Bespin Torture» Chapter 1 - Torture in the clouds. Star Wars: Bespin Torture. Author lovecannibal. Submitted August 1, Updated August 11, Status What happened to Han and Leia after they were captured by Vader on Bespin. Leia lost her brown dress somewhere along the way.