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Jun 06,  · Workout Routines Caveman Training: 3 Hardcore Workout Routines Try any or all of these caveman training programs to build muscle, boost your athleticism and burn eccpasa.info: Eric Velazquez.

3 Day Hardcore Program This 3 day workout hits all major muscle groups. The first day targets legs/back, second day is chest/shoulders and the last is dedicated to arm training.

Aug 06,  · Home > Workout Routines > Increase Strength Workouts Jeremy's 6 Day Hardcore Strength Workout. Hardcore! This is a hardcore strength building workout that has you in the gym 6 days a week, and focuses on basic strength building lifts. Workout Summary. While this will certainly add some strength and mass, you may be more interested in a Author: Jeremy Wood.

Full Week Hardcore Workout Plan Firstly let me start off bytelling you this. If you want to workout, get big, stronger, or just morehealthy understand this: It is a long road to travel with many bumps and hills,but in the end if you’ll be glad you took it.