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How To Cum Every Time During Sex & Masturbation - 8 Vital Questions how to know if cum

Like how will I know when Im about to cum, so I can actually finish successfully? *I've had feelings in the past of feeling like I had to pee really bad, and my ex use to tell me all the time that it was because I had to nut and it was cum building up, and for me to let it out, and when I try to during intercourse, nothing happens, it just hurts.?

Mar 05,  · How to Tell when She really Cums: Signs of an Orgasm Posted by Science of Natural Game ⋅ 29/04/ ⋅ 11 Comments Filed Under arousal, arousing, did she cum, did the girl cum, did the women cum, female orgasm, how to know if a woman had an orgasm, how to tell if she came, how to tell if she comes, sound of an orgasm, what happens.

Today I'll talk about how to know when a girl cums during sex. I'll show you several ways to spot when the woman you're with is cumming. Plus, I'll tell you what to look out for so that you know when she is getting close to climaxing.

It is usually very easy to tell if a woman really cums. When the woman is about to cum, you will feel that her vagina will excrete a sticky substance, a lubricant. This is a very high indication that she is already highly-stimulated, and that orgasm is well underway.