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Pituitary Adenomas (Tumors) Description and Treatment Options pituitary tumors and their effect on sex characteristics

Nov 02,  · Not all pituitary tumors (called pituitary adenomas) cause symptoms. But when they do, they can cause many different types of symptoms. The first signs of a pituitary adenoma often depend on whether the tumor is functional (making excess hormones) or non Last Revised: November 2,

Pituitary adenomas in children and adolescents are categorized in three additional ways: By size: Microadenomas are smaller than 1 centimeter across. Most pituitary adenomas are this size. Macroadenomas are 1 centimeter across or larger. By their effect on hormone release: Functioning pituitary tumors increase the production of hormones. Most.

Apr 17,  · The Psychological Behavior Changes of Pituitary Tumors Although many advances have been made in the treatment of Pituitary Tumors physically, there have not been many studies on the emotional, psychological effects these tumors cause or the end results after removal and the disruption to the endocrine system that follows.

- the most abundant anterior pituitary hormone - hypothalamus releases GHRH and GHIH (somatostatin) to control the release of GH from the pituitary - secreted in pulses during the day due to metabolic stimuli - release increases during exercise, stress, sleep, and hypoglycemia - thyroid and sex hormones also play a role in the growth process.