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I’m 20 years old and I have a mild case of tuberous breast. I’m currently a full A cup and I’m hoping to be a full C cup after my breast augmentation. My surgeon recommended me to get a bilateral incision and to have my implants placed under my muscle to prevent damaging any milk ducts. I chose READ MORE. 51 photos ; 14 comments.

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Age: 38 layout: Description: 38 year old complaining of small sagging assymmetric breasts. She has a severe left breast ptosis and tubular breast deformity. This New York City metroploitan area New Jersey resident had her cosmetic surgery breast augmentation, left breast lift and correction of tubular breast deformities at Morristown Memorial hospital in Morristown New Jersey with Dr.

Dr. Weinstein is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in New Jersey who performed Breast Augmentation with a Periareolar Lift. The patient was happy with the natural proportional results. The patient received smooth, round moderate profile saline breast implants. The right breast implant was filled to cc and left breast implant were cc.