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Jan 18,  · How to easily crimp on a BNC connector to regular 50 Ohm coaxial cable using standard (not fancy/certified) tools if you don't have an automatic .

To strip the cable, clamp the stripper on the cut end using the illustration on the tool as a guide. It takes several practice runs to get the height-changing setscrews adjusted to give the proper depth of cut, so don't be afraid to use up a foot or two of coax getting your tool configured.

Ive spent a lot of cash trying to find a good RG stripper that really works. This one does and will be a huge time saver. It must be adjusted to work properly on RG but once set, it does a great job. I still have to strip a little more outer sheathing to expose a little more shielding, so not perfect/5(2).

The figure above shows how the strippers cutting blades work. To properly strip coax cable for video connectors like the Type-F connectors commonly used in the home requires a 2 level strip. Now the strippers make both of these levels of strip or cut at the same time. Some strippers, like mine, are capable of making a 3 level strip as well.