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Jan 24,  · During his first few years on the air, talk show host Dick Cavett might have imagined his worst moment as a broadcaster would remain the night when actors Peter Falk, Ben Gazzara, and John.

Two literary giants, a lawsuit and Dick Cavett. by Iris Mann | Jan 28, “In New York [Lillian] found an atmosphere where Jewish culture resonated, although she was not a practicing Jew.

According to Dick Cavett, Hamill noticed something was wrong with Rodale, leaned over to Cavett, and said, "This looks bad." According to others, Cavett asked, "Are we boring you, Mr. Rodale?" Cavett himself said that he "emphatically" did not recall saying this, but one of the two physicians in the audience did remember Jerome Irving Cohen, August 16, , Manhattan, .

Jun 30,  · by Moira Schneider Csanád Szegedi, co-founder of Hungary’s far-right, anti-Semitic party, discovers he’s Jewish, forcing him to rethink his life and reconnect to his roots.