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Nudity: Getting (Un)dressed in the Czech Republic | Prague Monitor nude sunbathing in prague

Probably a completely random question but we hope that somebody has a good suggestion. We're coming to Prague again for our 11th visit in June and are hoping for good weather (just like last June). We're staying for 6 nights this time (keeps creaping up!), and we were hoping for some good suggestions where we might be able to spend the full day chilling in the sunshine with a picnic.

Aug 04,  · In Prague, many private swimming pools and outdoor areas openly tolerate topless sunbathers, though most require a bathing suit when entering the water. “We don’t have anything like a ban on topless sunbathing,” Václav Šála, administrator of the Na Petynce swimming pool in Prague 6 told Právo. “I don’t see anything malicious in it.”.

Mar 30,  · The city has many options for cooling off in the heat Prague is perfect, well, almost. The city is pretty far from the beach, so getting some swimming and sunbathing done takes a bit of work. But there are some options to cool off on a hot day. There are actually quite a few pools.

Lots of British hang-ups about nudity coming to the fore here! On the continent it is quite common to find very public places where you are surrounded by people in the nude who are going about their business walking their dog, riding their bicycle, having a beer, etc - the Englischer Garten in Munich for example, and the place that I mentioned above in Brno is one of the main stops on the.