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Dec 14,  · Lay a drop cloth to protect the floor from the paint stripper. Dip a paintbrush unto a can of paint stripping gel. Use gel rather than liquid stripper .

Mar 22,  · Use a paint scraper or a putty knife to remove the existing paint from the plastic item. In some cases, a razor blade can be an appropriate tool for dried and thick acrylic paint. Scrape off the paint gently and avoid putting too much pressure on it. This is to avoid scratching or damaging the surface while you are trying to remove the paint.

Jan 02,  · Scrape off excess paint and, starting at the outer edge of the stain, apply acrylic paint and varnish remover. Gently scrape away the paint as it softens. Repeat, using the remover sparingly, until you have removed as much paint as possible. Be careful to keep the paint and varnish remover from spreading the eccpasa.info: Lauren Smith.

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