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A flexible-confident dancer always gets more tips than one who can’t hold a musical beat. In addition, a woman who knows how to dance has better chance getting hired from ones who cannot. It’s cliché but practice truly makes perfect. Watch online dancing videos, other strippers who inspire you, and find the time to perfect your craft.

Apr 08,  · How to Increase Your Stripper Income. Stripping is one of the more lucrative lines of work, and if you're able to work hard and work consistently, there's no limit to the money you'll be able to make. If you treat stripping like a full 91%(47).

Strippers are the mothers of invention. We can MacGyver the shit out of whatever we need to. Last night, I helped one of the other girls cut up a T-shirt to use as laces for her shoes because her straps broke. We pay the club to dance there. That’s why we get irritated with customers that pick a .

To see whether estrus was really “lost” during human evolution (as researchers often claim), we examined ovulatory cycle effects on tip earnings by professional lap dancers working in gentlemen's clubs. Eighteen dancers recorded their menstrual periods, work shifts, and .